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McMahon Family Crest


I've added this page to provide a brief background on our family surname.  My hope is to gather some interesting facts, crest, motto, etc. and give some insight into our origins.

Motto: Sic Nos Sic Sacra Tuemur

Motto Translated: Thus we guard our sacred rights.

Some Noteworthy people with the name McMahon:

  • Sir William McMahon - (Politician) 20th Prime Minister of Australia
  • Jim McMahon - (Athlete) Quarterback for the 1980 Super bowl Champion Chicago Bears
  • Ed McMahon - (Entertainer)  known for his work on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  • Vince McMahon, Jr. - (Businessman) Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
  • Brigitte McMahon - (Athlete) Olympic Gold Medalist in the Triathlon, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  She still holds the record for the fastest Olympic time for a female triathlete.
  • Sen. Brien McMahon - (Politician) US Senator from Connecticut; major contributor in establishing the Atomic Energy Commission; has his own US Postage Stamp in 1962
  • Frank McMahon - (Play Write) Tony Award Winner 1970 for Best Play, Borstal Boys
  • Lee McMahon - (Mathematician) inventor of the GO Chess Tournament Ranking System, McMahon Score and a number of early computer technology standards

Many of us whose ancestors emigrated from Ireland are uncertain where we came from - either County Monaghan or County Clare, the two places in Ireland where the Mac Mahon surname arose.  But our ancestors have sometimes come from Dublin, or Scotland or perhaps emigrated elsewhere, to Europe or Australia.  There are also two or more separate septs of Mahon who originate in Ireland and may now be known as McMahon in the US or elsewhere and there are variations of the McMahon name, such as Mathews, McArdle (named after Ardle MacMahon), McPhillips (named after Phillip MacMahon) and Ennis and Connolly.  Some individuals changed their names or dropped the Mac for various reasons pertaining to peculiar events in Ireland at the time.

There really are some great efforts, and website attempting to retrace our steps.  I think one of the more notable ones is the McMahon Surname DNA Study where a group is attempting to trace their lineage back 500 year via DNA confirmation.  [I love technology]


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Variants of McMahon

Literal Gaelic Translation: Son of Bear

Gaelic Spelling: MacMathghamha

Other possible...

  • MacMahon
  • Mahon
  • Maghan
  • Mann
  • Maughan
  • McMann
  • McManus
  • Mathews
  • MArdle
  • McPhillips
  • McEnnis
  • McConnolly